Off to Canada

Hello rockstars! Are you rocking your week? I was definitely rocking mine! But that’s easy when you have two fantastic people at your side who make you laugh, who keep you active and… make breakfast for you! The best breakfast ever! With good European dark bread, and tomatoes, and cream cheese, and avocados, and radish, […]

Yosemite National Park

Imagine a place that’s so gorgeous that you don’t want to leave it. Imagine huge rock formations that sit enthroned between waterfalls and rivers. Imagine a valley that’s so rich in natural beauty that you forget time while admiring it. For me, that is Yosemite. Since I had my laptop, my wallpapers have always been […]

Fabulous Las Vegas

Las Vegas – a place of never ending entertainment, of flashing lights, excessive music and extreme architecture. A city that never sleeps, always laughs, but never smiles. In the middle of all of that – us, three European musketeers, ready to discover a new part of the United States of America. Believe me, we were […]

Route 66: The End

#Route66 #TheEnd So guys, my second semester here at ISU has started and I’m more than excited to plunge myself in everything that’s awaiting me here on American (and not only) ground. Of course, my mind is working like crazy #asalways thinking about future travel destinations. And I can tell you guys, plans are being […]

The City of Angels

#Route66 #part5 Guys, I cannot believe that our road trip almost came to an end. Before reaching our final destination, there was just one stop left: Los Angeles. The city presented itself from its best side: warm weather, friendly people, relaxed atmosphere. While cruising through the city we kept an eye on the Hollywood hills […]

The Grand Canyon

#Route66 #part3 Hi, little travellers, and welcome to another episode of our Route 66-series. This one continues in Gallup, NM, where we spent our last night, and today, you are going to encounter a natural wonder. After spending the night in New Mexico, we soon crossed the border and made it to Arizona. Today’s destination: […]