True Story: I changed my name

Hi folks, I haven’t been on aimingsomewhere for a long time. There were reasons for that and maybe I’ll share that with you another day. The most important thing is: here I go again. And I have a story for you, a pretty big one. A true story: I changed my name. My last name. #whaat?

Neither did I do it because I didn’t like my previous name nor because I’m wanted somewhere in Europe. No, nothing of that kind. The thing is: I got married! Sort of…

Last Saturday my fiancé and I got legally married. We had our civil marriage ceremony in a small town close to where we live. Our parents, siblings and us. Sunshine and lots of laughter. Emotions and cake. It was a wonderful day.

You may ask: why “sort of”? Well, we’re actually planning our wedding ceremony in October. There’s going to be the church, the big dress, the aisle. We’ll promise before God and our guests to care for each other in health and sickness. To have and to hold. That’s when we’ll be putting on our wedding bands and that’s when I will cry because of happiness. #trustme We’ll be celebrating and there’s going to be music, dancing, and lots of food. And that is when we’ll actually feel married. That is when we’ll see each other as husband and wife. #crazy

The thing: All of that is going to happen in a different country. In Poland.

Thus, we decided to do all the paperwork, which is part of any legal marriage, here in Germany where we live. Doing it that way means less bureaucracy for us and less costs for any translators, translations and certifications between those two States. And that’s what happened on Saturday. I’m actually legally married. And I took his name.

Did anyone of you think that changing one’s name is no big deal? Well, nothing more wrong than that! Not only need I remind myself all the time what my new last name is (today, I signed again with my old one…#lol), but now a whole bunch of work is awaiting me. I have to change my ID and my driver’s license, my passport, my bank account, my online profiles and my eMail address, magazine subscriptions, and any other thing you can think of…

But let’s not dwell on those details. Here is to a new Me! And as this new Me I decided to open up a new category on aimingsomewhere. Obviously it’s all about the wedding… in a slightly different way. You want to know how CrossFit destroyed my wedding dress? Or how I hunted down a color that doesn’t exist? Or maybe you’re interested how quickly a Ford Mustang can switch into a living beast?

Well, this and more now to find on YES I DO for you to laugh about and get inspired. Love, K.

Best friends.
A happy bride

PS: If you wonder what this big white sheet is all about, it’s a German tradition after civil marriage ceremonies. The couple has to cut out a heart – it’s their first task together as married couple – and then step through it, the groom carrying his bride. Done!

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