Hello Budapest

Hello, hello! What’s uuuuuup? I’m back with a travel story. This time let me take you to Eastern Europe, to a country that is not one of those super known touristic countries, to a country that nobody really understands the language of, to a country that was completely unknown to me until now. Let me […]

An East Coast Road Trip

Hello superheroes, are you rocking your week? I figured it has been some time since my last post but I’m pretty busy here. #BeAGrownUp #LookForAJob #WeddingPreparations Today, however, I have time and a story for you. How about a post about my very last travel, my very last road trip, my very last adventure on […]

A Weekend in Toronto

Dear readers, as you know, I’m back in Europe (at least for now :P) but my memories constantly go back to America. Every one of you who already had the experience of studying abroad, an internship abroad or any similar thing knows what I’m talking about. So here I am today to share another story, […]

New York, New York

I’m back! I know, dear reader, that I was pretty silent during the last two weeks. I needed some time for myself to organize the chaos in my head and to settle back in my home country. My mind is still swivelling around somewhere in good old Normal or some of the amazing places I […]

Surfing in Costa Rica

Hey guys! Just as promised, here comes the second Costa Rica post! The weather in Illinois is AMAZING at the moment and it’s a sunny pleasure to think back to my time in Costa Rica. I’m currently sitting at Jimmy John’s restaurant in Uptown Normal where I just finished my veggie sandwich. I have to […]

Spring break in Costa Rica

Hi guys! There has been so much traveling in those past weeks that I don’t know where I live anymore. I haven’t seen Normal in a while and my roommates probably forgot what I look like. However, spring break – an entire week off without classes – was the perfect invitation to travel. So, thinking […]

Nashville Half Marathon

Hi guys, I know it’s crazy, but after a successful first half marathon three weeks ago in San Francisco, I decided to run another one. So this weekend I took off with my running partner #teamcrazy to Nashville, Tennessee, to run our second half marathon in the United States. The event was huge! We were […]

San Francisco and Goodbye

Imagine sunshine, the ocean and music. Imagine smiley people, good food and a positive vibe. Imagine colourful houses, elegant yachts and amazing bridges. You’re in San Francisco! What better place to end a road trip than in this gorgeous city? And so we enjoyed every second of it. San Francisco did enchant our little travel […]