Towards new shores

I finally made it to the US, guys! My long flight (which I spent entirely watching movies xD) ended with a breath-taking view on Chicago’s skyline, and a few moments later I did my first steps on American ground. Despite the lack of sleep I was queuing, waiting, walking with eyes wide open like a child, taking it all in. After six years of American Studies I finally made it to that country. A long queue, a security check and a chaotic search for my shuttle bus later, I was already on my way to Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, and ready for all the adventures and challenges to come.

So American…

My first week here was intense: jet lagged and struggling with a cold (I am still trying to get used to the freezing air conditioning everywhere…) I stayed with my American host family who helped me find an apartment. Three days later I moved into a nice place close to campus, where two roommates already waited for me: Kady from the Philippines and Gare from Nigeria. Our last roommate will arrive next week. My bedroom is small but cozy, and after producing my usual mess, it even starts feeling like home.

My new home 🙂
As a friend said, I have my personal sneaker store in front of my window 🙂

What it is like to be in the US? Well, everything looks so different; from cars to houses, zebra crossings to road signs. Walking through the city or seeing the mailboxes feels as if I’m in a movie, hehe. However, from what I’ve already seen, Normal is a nice place, and I’m slowly trying to find a way into loving it.

We don’t have those in Europe!

As most of you know, I’m an active person that loves to discover so I already got to cross out a few things off my bucket list: lunch in an American diner, shopping at Wallmart, and a truly American Drive-in Movie Theater experience including a Golden Corn Dog and cheese fries (yes, fries with melted cheese on them, plus even more melted cheese).

Harvest Moon Twin Drive-in Movie Theatre

It’s huge…

Well, and there is another thing that happened to me (of course it wouldn’t be me without any weekly fail xD). Whereas it was raining in Germany, it is summer here. Awesome! So I went to a swimming pool close-by and spent a few wonderful hours there. (I needed to relax from…you know… all the bureaucratic paperwork and organizational stuff that I have to do…like… opening bank accounts, getting a US-number, getting enrolled into classes, fight for a Social Security Number… Ok, I am actually just trying to find excuses why not to work on my master thesis, hehe.) Well, and guess what, summer means sun! However, after no-summer-time in Europe my pale face and body just went straight to red as a lobster. So much for a nice summer tan… xD

Even the gas station and the crossings look so different here!

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I wish you a wonderful week to come! Take care and smile, K.

8 Replies to “Towards new shores”

  1. Wysyłam moc uścisków, pozytywnej energii… I mokrego buziaka od Franka <3 Jesteś niesamowita!

    1. Ojej ale piekne slowa…dziekuje! <3 Pozdrawiam mocno mocno!

  2. Jestesmy z Toba

    1. Caluje mocno i kocham!

  3. Btw, I can totally relate to the “like in a movie” feel!We have to blame Hollywood for that, I suppose…

  4. Hehe so if youre a girl and observing everything from a child’s pov, will this experience be your coming of age story? 🙂 Looking forward to your new life changing and world transforming discoveries then! Keep us posted!!

    1. haha it seems so, I guess. A true Bildungsroman
      I promise I will 🙂

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