Run Baby Run

Hi there! I hope you all are doing great. I’m doing fine, I guess, but I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to tell you guys this week. Because I am working on my MA paper literally the whole time I have left after preparing classes, teaching, grading exams, studying and completing my own assignments. And let’s be honest, who wants to read my long monologues about how this paper robs me of any kind of social life, of food (yeah, food, because there is not even time for groceries shopping), and of energy. Exactly, nobody wants to read that. And so there would have been no post for you today.
Luckily, there is my crazy German crew, whom you already know from the Niagara trip, and they asked me if I want to join them for the Insane Inflatable 5K Bloomington.

Check it out if you want:

My (totally logical) train of thought: Hm… You’ve been avoiding any kind of sports in like forever, because student life simply does not give you any time for that right now. You’ve been basically sitting the entire last weeks at your desk working, thus being totally unprepared to move more than the distance between home and office. The last time you ran such a distance was 5 years ago in France. It’s not only running, there are obstacles you have to climb and pass. It is over 30°C outside… Conclusion: Sure I’m joining the team! And so it happened.

And so also happened everything else I disdained and underestimated (see above). Basically, my body was like ‘Wait, wait, wait, what’s happening? Where is the chair, where is the A/C. What’s going on?!’ Although in the morning, it was unbelievably hot. The obstacles looked like fun, but felt like hell. I totally misjudged the proportions of speed and distance, and was almost dying on the home stretch. And then there was still a last mountain to climb. OMG. But sometimes you need to be a fighter, I guess, and clench your teeth, and concentrate to leave that peanut butter breakfast in that place where it is supposed to stay. And I made it! #challengeaccepted #done
All of us finally made it, super exhausted but with a proud smile on our faces. What a start into the day. All of us winners, we returned sweaty but happy home, back to the desk, back to the laptops and assignments. And that’s where I’m still to be found now, in case anyone wonders. xD

That said, I wish you an exciting week to come, full of winning moments and completed challenges. Whether it is an exam, a project at work, a new gym goal, or simply a new recipe you want to try out. Go for it! K.

This American vastness…
Style in Normal
Internationality in our Language Department. Of course I had to paint the polish flag ☺
People normally fight over space in bed in relationships. I fight over space in bed with my research paper…

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  1. 26 pages only? Wait, that cant be it! Where did you place the other pages of your insane(ly long) work?

    1. On my desk, the floor in my room, and the floor in the living room… I basically covered our entire apartment with that thing xD

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