Master of Arts – Done

Hi guys! It’s been a long time, I know. Sure you’ll understand. I really needed this break from the Internet, Social Media and electronic devises during Christmas and my stay in Europe. But here I am back again, having great news to tell: On December 20th, I successfully defended my Master Thesis, and am now proud owner of the ‘Master of Arts’ title. Let me tell you, it was crazy! After having spent two last days in Chicago, I left the United States on December 18th, arrived in Paderborn late on December 19th, and the next morning I was already standing in front of my professors – sleep deprived, nervously shaking, and trying to ignore my jet lag. Yeah, exactly. In this moment I was thinking to myself: What are you doing? Why couldn’t you just pick a more human date and time?!
In the end, however, I managed to pull myself together, and began the very last exam of my study career at Paderborn University. Surprisingly, it went great, and with the symptoms of nervousness and exhaustion suddenly gone, I had so much fun talking about my MA topic, which I’m absolutely passionate about. As quick as I got into it, I was already out, flashed by what has happened. I made it! Done! Of course I’m happy and proud of all my achievements and am satisfied with those past years as a student. But the truth is I’m also sad that this time is almost over (almost, as I am still looking forward to a last semester in the United States).

#LasVegas #ProudOwner

But enough about school, as Christmas break was everything else but school. To be honest, I completely cut myself off from the US and Illinois State University. Once home, I guess I simply wanted to totally immerse myself into quality time with the people I haven’t seen in so long. After spending a beautiful and warm Christmas time with my family in Poland, and an awesome New Year’s Eve with friends in Germany, there was another voyage waiting for me. Finally, just the two of us, my fiancé and I took off to Poland again. Grateful to be back together, even if just for a short time, we made it all about us and our next adventure: we’re getting married in 2018!

Yes! It’s crazy; I still cannot believe this is true. Someone pinch me, please? We simply had a wonderful time; planning together as much as possible, being close to each other 24/7 and for once not having to say ‘Goodbye’ every day. #longdistancesucks But even this had to come to an end, although we tried very hard to ignore that and pretend it’s going to last forever. There was another suitcase to pack, a flight to catch and the other side of the globe to return to. #doIreallyhaveto? But that is a whole different story. And although there are tears running, a part of me is happy to be back on @aimingsomewhere, putting my adventures and thoughts into writing. For me, for you. See you in Normal, guys! Stay warm, K.

On the road
Christmas in Kraków, Poland

I travel around the world but stay in one spot. – What am I?
(Answer in next post 🙂 )

6 Replies to “Master of Arts – Done”

  1. Don’t need university to know that you are a master of art :*

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words <3 I really appreciate it! :*

  2. Jesteś niesamowita ;* Z masterem czy bez jesteś moją mistrzynią! I tak serdecznie gratuluję!

    1. Oj dziekuje za gratulacje! Jestes kochana 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I am so proud of you, you Meisterin der Künste! 😉

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! Die Meisterin dankt 😀

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