My Most Awkward Wedding Moments

Ho ho ho, hello dear people out there! Happy New Year! I hope you spent wonderful holidays with your families and loved ones. May your heart be warm and your home be bright, filled with joy and love. Lots of blessings and happiness in this new year 2019!

For us, it was the first Christmas as husband and wife. Feels so good! #sparklealarm Sitting around the Christmas tree together with our families and reminiscing about our wedding, there was lots of laughter. We remembered all the beautiful moments, but also those that were funny and…. awkward. What? Wedding and awkward moments? Oh yeah, true story. I told you already about Things That Went Wrong On Our Wedding Day. I also gave you insight Behind The Scenes. So how about a post about all those little moments when I felt strange and awkward on my wedding day? Let’s go!

The hairdresser problem

I don’t know about you, but I have always had difficult relationships with hairdressers. Somehow, I’ve never been satisfied with their work. At the same time there was always the dream of a wonderful wedding hairstyle. I decided to have an appointment at the hairstylist some time before the wedding in order to test if what I have in mind is possible at all.

The plan was simple. The execution was anything but simple. How do I tell the girl, who tried for the last hour to tame and control my hair, that I was not really happy with the result of her work? #help Maybe you are confident and pragmatic and don’t have problems in this kind of situations. I envy you, because for me those moments are suuuuper awkward and I feel really bad. Often, I don’t even admit that I don’t like the result.

However, this time we were talking wedding. So, awkwardness yes or no, I ended up having four test appointments with three different stylist before the wedding. #noway #truestory #perfectionista 

I bet only a woman can overthink as much as that…

Pa pa pa pa paparazzi

Today in the times of smartphones and action cameras people are taking pictures and movies all the time, everywhere, with everyone. Selfies, social media posts, pictures on instagram. We are used to this lifestyle. A wedding, however, is a whole different story.

Bride and groom, in the center of attention. Professional photographers and videographers dancing around, with their cameras on record. Pictures, pictures everywhere…

Especially in the beginning it was slightly awkward to have them around. They took some shots of our preparations, the location and of us getting ready. I mean, have you ever been photographed while putting on your dress? Or your make up? Socks? Shoes? #awkward Sure, I felt a little uncomfortable in the beginning. Luckily, thanks to them being amazing people the embarrassment quickly faded away. And now we have some wonderful memories captured by those talented artists!

Thank you for … the gift

What is the most important part at a wedding next to bride and groom and their love to each other? Correct, their guests! As lovely as our guests were, they didn’t come empty handed. They surprised us with the most wonderful presents and creative wedding cards. We were blown away and definitely have so much to be grateful for. <3

However, during the relocation of all this stuff some of the presents and their (matching) cards got mixed up. As we unwrapped the gifts the next day we realized that we didn’t know whom all of them were from! #awkward I mean, you wouldn’t call your guests asking them ‘btw, what did you get us for the wedding’, right? xD #evenmoreawkward Well, so that’s the puzzle we’re still solving.

How do I dance in my dress?!

Voilà, that’s the question that came up 5 minutes before entering the dance floor. A thing that I haven’t thought through. My dress was huge. There was so much dress around me, and even more behind me lying on the floor. I couldn’t take a step back without stepping on the gown. My groom couldn’t take a step to the front, as he would step on it as well. What a wonderful problem to solve 5 minutes before having our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. R! #youkidding?

As we both share the love for dancing, we really looked forward to that first dance. We had a wonderful time crafting our little choreography and couldn’t wait to share this moment with our beautiful guests. However, now it seemed like there wouldn’t be that first dance we looked forward to so badly. #panic

The solution came a minute before entering the dance floor: I simply lifted and carried a part of my dress in my hand, so that we had more freedom to move. Additionally, my husband had to slide his feet over the floor instead of taking actual steps, so that he wouldn’t step on my gown. It worked out wonderfully; nobody knew about that tiny little moment that just happened. The music started playing and we flew across the dance floor. #magic

Marriage and weddings are events that are definitely linked with lots of emotions. They go along with months of planning, which lead to many discussions, opinions and choices. No wonder that things can go wrong, (check out the things that went wrong on our Wedding Day) or that there are moments that you haven’t thought through. And even if there are some awkward moments next to those beautiful ones, remember that you share them together with your most favorite buddy. Isn’t that a perfect start to the rest of your life?

Sparkle and shine, dear people! Love, K

Photo Credit: Thank you, again, to Perfect View Photo&MUA for those amazing pictures. You captured those instants that are dear to our hearts. A gorgeous memory! 

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